Two Parents One Plan. Parenting effectively when you disagree about your child

Two Parents One Plan

When a child develops behavior problems, very often the two most important authority figures in this child’s life can’t seem to agree on anything. The chaos created by your child’s behavior deteriorates your ability to function as a parenting “team.”

If you’re in conflict with your spouse (or ex–spouse) about how to parent your child, James Lehman will show you how to resolve your conflicts in Two Parents, One Plan.

These honest, realistic videos tackle the most common behavioral situations that throw parents into conflict.


James shows you how to get past your anger with each other and find ways to reconnect on your common interest: your child. You’ll learn that the answer is not to come over to one side or the other, or to broker an all–or–nothing treaty. Rather, you’ll learn to unite and parent effectively in spite of your disagreements.

FEATURING: Instruction from James Lehman and video role plays with moms, dads and teens

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Two Parents, One Plan Get our Two Parents, One Plan program now for $79

What's Inside:

  • Can't talk to your spouse or ex? Watch these videos together or on your own and let them do the talking for you. James shows you how to reach agreement on parenting issues in a presentation that's non-judgmental and that can get through to your co-parent.
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop Parents. How the strict disciplinarian and the "buddy" can get on the same page.
  • No support from your spouse? Find out how to get it today, without feeling frustrated or causing a "blow up."
  • When one parent wants to give up. How to get your co-parent to keep trying when they're disgusted and "over it."
  • Serious behavioral problems and disagreements. If you and your spouse are miles apart over a serious behavioral issue with your child, follow these steps now to stop the crisis.
  • Divorce? Hostile ex-spouse? How to get your spouse to cooperate and stop undermining you.

Product Includes:

  • 103-minute instructional program on 2 DVDs, featuring instruction and analysis from James Lehman and parent/child role plays
  • 47-page instruction manual