Total Focus. A program to help ADHD kids to focus and behave

Total Focus

Developed by Dr. Robert Myers

In this program, you’ll use cognitive behavioral therapy and rehabilitation (”brain training”) in a positive team approach that’s fun for both the parents and the children. Includes a step-by-step workbook with easy to follow instructions that will help your child focus, settle down, complete school work, take responsibility, improve memory and control their outbursts.

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Total Focus

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Parent's Lessons:

  • Audio Lesson on CD:
    One-on-One with Dr. Bob.

    Dr. Myers will take you inside the mind of the attention disordered, hyperactive child. Learn how they really think, how to get through to them, the pros and cons of medication, how to get a proper diagnosis and the necessary support from school. Everything you need to know about ADHD and the behavior issues surrounding it.
  • Step-by-step, 138-page workbook:
    Easy 1-2-3 instructions for school and home to help your child focus, settle down, complete school work, take responsibility, improve memory and social skills and control outbursts.
  • School Success Charts and Daily Student Rating Cards:
    Your child's teacher can use these simple progress charts to help your child get on the path to improvement at school.

Product Includes:

  • 4 Lesson audio CDs
  • 116–page instruction manual
  • School Success Charts
  • Bonus CD: ADHD First Aid
  • Mood Card