The US Factor

The Us Factor
It’s normal for couples to drift apart after they’ve been together for a while, especially if they don’t have the skills to keep them connected. The Us Factor program shows you a simple, step-by-step way to talk about and deal with the most common marital problems: lack of sexual spontaneity and excitement, bickering and arguing, resentment and distance, getting your spouse to open up, money conflicts, parenting problems, feeling "lonely" in your marriage and much more.

Just sit back and watch as Dr. Melnick works with couples in true-to-life, unscripted dramatizations to demonstrate the skills that can help you and your spouse resolve conflicts, recapture your spark and bring you closer than you were in the beginning.

Even if you’ve tried everything to make your marriage work and nothing’s helped, relax. The Us Factor can give you the skills you need to communicate, re-energize your marriage and bring you closer again. All in the privacy of your home.

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The Us Factor
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What Problems can
The Us Factor help fix?

All of them. Happy, lasting marriages don’t just happen. They take skill. In The Us Factor program, you’ll discover that problems such as resentment, distance, boredom and lack of communication are actually normal in marriage. What you need are the skills to handle them. The Us Factor gives you practical, private solutions to the most common and difficult problems faced by couples today:

  • Affairs
  • Trust Issues
  • Resentment
  • Boredom
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Blaming
  • Distance
  • Headed for Divorce
  • Spouse Won’t Change
  • Separation
  • Constant Arguing
  • Lack of Communication
  • Not “In Love” Anymore
  • Unresolved Conflict
  • and more…

Product Includes:

  • 12 DVD Lessons
  • 232 Page Workbook