Getting Through To Your Child. A step-by-step plan for stopping verbal abuse

Getting Through to Your Child

Does your child say hateful things to you when you make even the simplest request? Has your child’s backtalk crossed the line into verbal abuse, with cursing and ugly name calling? Do your kids use disgusting language with each other—that gets worse when they argue?

No one ever tells you what to say when your kid calls you a “bitch” or says, “You suck.” Many parents try to stop it by getting tough: “Don’t you dare talk to me that way…ever again.” Some parents become so intimidated by it that they back down, give in and walk on eggshells around their kids.


James Lehman takes a different approach. He sees nasty backtalk and verbal abuse as poor coping skills kids use when they can’t solve problems appropriately. In Getting Through to Your Child, James shows you a step-by-step, word-for-word way to get kids to look at their abusive language, identify what triggers it, and make better choices the next time. Getting Through to Your Child takes the mystery and fear out of verbal abuse by and between children and shows you a simple, practical way to stop it in its tracks.

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FEATURING: Instruction from James Lehman and video role plays with moms, dads, young children & teens

Getting Through to Your Child

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What's Inside:

  • Verbal abuse toward parents and stepparents. Stop it now with a simple, step-by-step process that gets kids to think about what they're saying and make more appropriate choices.
  • Verbal abuse between siblings. If your kids curse and call each other horrible names, learn how to get past “he started it” and get your kids to treat each other civilly. A fair, impartial way to deal with verbal warfare between kids.
  • Stand up to intimidation. The truth is, teen behavior can be intimidating and frightening for parents. That’s one of the reasons kids use verbal abuse. It works for them. These DVDs show you how to face down intimidating behavior—without getting emotional—and how to change it.
  • Tear down the wall of anger. If your child’s verbal abuse is part of the force field of anger he uses to get you to back off, Getting Through to Your Child will show you how to break through that wall of anger and bring back respectful communication to your home.
  • Parent/child demonstrations show you exactly what to say. Word for word.

Product Includes:

  • 103 minute instructional program on 2 DVDs, featuring instruction and analysis from James Lehman and parent/child role plays
  • 46-page instruction manual