The Complete Guide To Consequences. A How-to video program with parent/child demonstrations

How do you choose a consequence that will get through to your child, especially when everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked? Are you giving too much or too little punishment? Should you punish at all? Why is your child ignoring all your attempts to correct him?

In this instructional video for parents, James Lehman takes a close up look at consequences and how to make them work for your child—even if your child is ultra-resistant or has ADD, ADHD or ODD. You’ll see parents and children in action, demonstrating James’ techniques, so you can learn how to do it…and (just as important) how not to do it.

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ROLE PLAYS Parents & kids emonstrate each technique

The Complete Guide to Consequences

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You'll Learn:

  • What's missing in the consequences you're giving your child.
  • How to use time to get a child to listen. When to go short. When to go long.
  • What to do instead of grounding your child. James shows you a host of different options—options that work with defiant kids.
  • Effective consequences for the toughest behavior problems: refusal to get out of bed, verbal abuse, back talk, cursing, non-compliance with curfew, refusal to do homework, lying, manipulation, refusal to do chores and more.
  • How to give consequences that motivate your child to change his behavior.
  • How to get your child to behave better next time with no arguments, less stress and fewer words on your part.
  • How to get back in control. Parent/child demonstrations show you exactly how to take control and stay in control when giving consequences, with no screaming.

Product Includes:

  • 63–minute instructional program on 1 DVD, featuring instruction and analysis from James Lehman and parent/child role plays
  • 25–page instruction manual